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"Growth" is one of Uratemas' two ongoing collections, and features a unique organic material known as “Akar Bahar”.

With a name that translates into “roots of the sea”, Akar Bahar is often conflated with coral but is in fact the roots of mangrove trees, which are flexible when wet and lend themselves well to reshaping. A special process hardens their forms and, in a contemporary twist, they can be adorned with gemstones and precious 9K “Suasa” - a historical gold alloy that once saw frequent use in the Malaysian & Indonesian achipelagos, and is believed to carry protective energies.


"Black Mask" Cuff

- 9K Suasa Alloy: 4.26 grams

- Diamonds: 0.04 cts

- Black Opal: 2.65 cts [N.G.I. Certified]

- Wrist Size: 55mm x 45mm

"Arum" Ring

- 9K Suasa Alloy: 3.70 grams

- Diamonds: 0.08 cts

- Chrysocolla Chalcedony: 1.9 cts

- Ring Size: HK11 / US5

Pers [G-2020-004BG].jpg

"Crossover" Cuff

- 9K Suasa Alloy: 3.18 grams

- Diamonds: 0.22 cts

- Wrist Size: 52.5mm x 42.5mm

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