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The "Special" category comprises pieces and ideas that not only embody the innate spirit of Uratemas, but take it to its limits and beyond.

Competition entries, conceptual illustrations, media stunts and other unusual, notable projects are documented here - they range from the simple and quirky, to the ambitious and intricate.


"Dilani" Brooch

- 18K Black & Yellow Gold

- Diamonds

- Crystal Opal

- Chrysocolla Chalcedony

- IOJDAA 2015 Entry

- Collaboration with master-carver Michael Burgess


"Fauna" Necklace & Ring Set

- Copper Wire

- Lamb Bone

- Polyester "Faux Leather" Cord

- Azorubin Pigment

- Creative Jewellery Studio "Pre-Loved To Treasure" 2020 Competition Winner

- 100% Upcycled Components

Presentation 1.jpg
[Kevin Lu Zixian] 'Orchid on Water' Bangle.jpg

"Orchid on Water" Bangle Concept

- Akar Bahar

- 9K Suasa Alloy

- Chrysocolla Chalcedony

- Diamonds, Yellow & Orange Fancy-Colour Sapphires

- MIJF 2020 Finalist

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